Working method

A coaching session usually last for 1 hour and are done face-to-face or via telephone. More than half of my clients are coached by telephone as they find this convenient and sessions can be arranged in a flexible way to accommodate time zones. The coaching sessions are held in English, Dutch or Portuguese.

Quote from a client:
‘In the beginning coaching by telephone was a bit strange but very soon we worked together as if we were in the same room. Now coaching by telephone is my preferred way, because its more focused. I can’t see any disadvantages, and when travelling abroad I can still schedule my coaching sessions, which is an advantage to me’.

In between the coaching sessions I frequently give assignments to do and to reflect upon, key questions to consider, or learning to implement. A usual coaching cycle takes 8 to 12 sessions and this can be spread over either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Are you curious about what my coaching can do for you? Please feel free to schedule a date for a free sample session or give me a ring for a 15 minute chat.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein.