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Expatriate Coaching

Living abroad can be a wonderful opportunity to experience being in a different culture but it also brings challenges for our work and personal lives. For some of us it might be an experience of joy and adventure, while others might perceive it as unfamiliar, isolating or frustrating. And both experiences are normal in a process of cultural transition.

At times the process and results might be disappointing because you have reacted from your own cultural point of reference. At times you will celebrate moments in which you are surprised by culture you’re living in. So cultural experience will at times make you fly higher and fall deeper, until you become adjusted to your new culture. Expatriate coaching requires you to reflect on your coping with this new situation – culture - country and explore new ways of tackling the world around you. It can powerful and fun to learn so much about yourself!

Beyond Borders - Making the most of life as an expatriate
I have experienced myself what living in different cultures can be like and understand both the joy and frustrations it can entail. Leaving your home country can be opportunity to dive into new and unfamiliar waters. My way of expatriate coaching focuses on you bringing out personal qualities and skills which you may have developed in other contexts, and exploring how they can be used and adapted to the new situation. By living beyond borders and crossing them over and over again you will develop global experience which can make you more complete as a person.

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