What is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is not about teaching the caterpillar how to fly; it is about creating an opening for it to see the possibilities. Personal Coaching is the learning process which may use methods of inquiry, reflection, visioning and homework to identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies and actions to achieve these goals.

A coach provides a place for clients to strengthen their accountability to themselves and their values by supporting the clients' progress. The methods I use in coaching are drawn mostly from the Co Active Coaching approach – which is a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfilment. As your coach I support you to unlock your potential. By discovering together with you what makes you ‘tick’ and what makes you sparkle. You will find your creativity and resourcefulness to find the answers and make them work for you. I encourage and support you to try new approaches and by experiencing these you will know what actions you could take. As milestones are achieved, I encourage you to celebrate.

Through coaching you can become aware of your strengths and the fact that we are always are ‘at choice’ at any moment. We find we have skills which we used at some time, and could be applied now if it was that they had not been forgotten. Through planning we will make the energy flow again and help you match closer to your personal norms and values which ultimately are of vital importance to you.

If your values are worth anything to you, they got to drive your behaviour: embody your values, walk your talk, be your message.